Standa Merhout was born in the former Czechoslovakia and influenced by the artistic atmosphere that radiates from the heart of Europe. His passion for photography quickly developed and he opened his first studio at the age of 25. His natural talent contributed to the explosive start of his career.

Starting as an assistant in New York at Pier 59 over a decade ago, he returned to Prague in 2000 in order to build his career as an independent fashion and advertising photographer. However, the Czech Republic quickly became too small for his ambitions, and in 2001 he signed a contract with Elle magazine and continues to grace their pages and covers with his work.

After winning the 2004 Canon Competition in Cayenne, Amsterdam, his most recent work has involved collaborations with Harper's Bazaar Arabia, Harper's Bazaar Latino America and Dolce Vita Magazine.

Standa has found in current home in the heart of Brooklyn and uses his travel experiences and his love for music and movies from the 1970's for his constant, evolving inspirations.