"What we do: Starting from your phone call, through shaking hands after a job well done - we take care of every single part of the production:

  • Creative brainstorming while working on your concept
  • Selecting the team
  • Photography, movie making
  • Casting
  • Local fixers, locations scouts
  • Rental equipment (photo and video)
  • Accommodation, transfers, flights, catering, etc.
  • Retouching, post production

Why shoot in Poland? We can offer awesome long beaches on the seaside, the spectacular Tatra mountains with deep blue lakes, and fields full of wheat and flowers.

Hospitality is one of our strengths. Here you will find accommodation in top hotels for half of the average European price. You will be provided high-quality catering on set and in the evening we will take you to the best restaurants near the heart of the Old Town in Warsaw. Airport transfers with our local driver who will share with you the best tips for your free time after the shoot.

Modern architecture, countryside landscapes or old tenement houses? We've got it all.

Whole rental equipment, local staff, buses... Just name your need and we will get you covered."