Hair, beauty and fashion photographer Vlado Golub understands how to combine light and aesthetics to create striking contemporary images that flaunt products and showcase philosophies of well-known brands. As an experienced photographer his images have a quality and elegance and he is skilled at working with natural light and is also best known for his striking cinematic and atmospheric imagery.

Vlado's captivating images reveal intriguing beauty and a distinct sense for fashion. His high level of empathy and energetic personality and his ability to easily connect to people create a highly productive working atmosphere for everyone on set which reflects in the results. His photographic style is expressive, natural, soft, pure, sensitive and timeless. He works with a team of like minded professionals to realise a clients vision.

His studio is located in Stuttgart and serves clients including the Porsche Design Group, Hakro Corporate Fashion, MyMascara Manufaktur, Haute Cueture Magazin, Rodenstock, Bruno Söhnle Uhrenatelier, Fashy GmbH, Wella, L'Oréal, Hugo Boss, Olymp, GQ, bungalow., Luisa Cerano, Esisto, Kero-Design, Strenesse and Manhattan Cosmetics, among many others.

Currently available for jobs practicing strict standards for Covid-19 guidelines.