Vancouver: Alex Waber

"Whenever I have a moment to myself, it's time to explore and experiment. This may be my favourite part of my job, constantly playing and creating.

In the back room of my studio they lurk various works in progress. For example, the gold shoot in this set of images started ages ago when I had a completely different idea that required only one 4x8 foot panel of gold leaf. A very calm relaxing activity, to cover a panel in such delicate material. Once one was done, it looked so good I had to make more! After that, it was a case of inviting a favourite stylist/designer (Matthew Burditt) and model (Alex from Family Management) to the studio for a day of sculptural creation. We approached the shoot with wardrobe and posing reminiscent of old masters' paintings and religious iconography, highlighted by a world of gold.

The panels are now in storage waiting along side painted canvases, giant mirrors and a million other small projects waiting to be explored.

Get in touch, let's make something!”

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