Munich - Cape Town: Astrid Obert

As many fondly call her, the "Expert of Light" Astrid Obert is the talent behind the lens, bringing everyday moments to life through her camera.

You've probably seen her work without realising it—from the wholesome glow of Nivea to the vibrant spirit of Coca-Cola, the innovation of Sony, and the timeless elegance of Lancôme. Astrid's photos tell stories that resonate worldwide, capturing not just images but the essence of life.

She's not just about brands; she's about moments. With her trusty camera and an eye for the extraordinary in the ordinary, she freezes time in a truly magical way.

As a fashion and lifestyle photographer working in Europe and worldwide, Astrid, with decades of experience, is gearing up for a photoshoot in Tenerife.

Ready to be part of stories that go beyond brands and focus on what makes moments genuinely timeless?

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