Ghent: Alexander Popelier

Fashion, portrait and artistic photographer Alexander Popelier lives and works from his photo studio in Ghent, Belgium. With an ever-present eye for light and pose, he is able to conceptualise wide-ranging ideas, yet always with a recognisable signature.

One of the characteristic features of this distinctive style lies in his capacity to capture the in-between moments: being technically gifted, the beauty of his images lies not only in the timeless depiction of models in their surroundings, but also in spontaneity. As a result, his work stands out from clichéd images yet is still capable of accomplishing a commercially successful result.

Alexander is a creative mind who carries his fondness for picture making close to him at all times. Alongside his fashion and portrait work he has an elaborate personal portfolio, wherein he breaks the rules of his commercial work and seeks a more unrestricted type of photography.

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