Born in Spain, Carlos Lumiere was greatly influenced at a young age by his father's work as a photographer. In 1989, after studying architecture, Carlos moved to Miami to work as photographer for a Spanish press agency. It was here, amidst the Miami Beach culture boom, that Carlos decided to devote his career and life to high-fashion photography.

Carlos' devotion to photography has seen him live and work in countless cities around the world, allowing him to develop a stunning and diverse portfolio. He has helped some of the largest names in fashion capture the images that best reflect their brands and campaigns. After two years assisting shoots for Vogue Italia, Carlos developed the connections to venture out on his own.

His photos are best known for blending classic lines with luscious colours and textures. His style is rich, emotive and dynamic and it is these elements which attract high-profile fashion designers, advertising campaigns and magazines to work with him. Clients include Harrods, Hackett, Vivienne Westwood, Royal Ascot, L'Oréal, Balenciaga, Lanvin and Zenga and publications such as Harper's Bazaar, Elle, FHM, GQ and Icon Magazine

Carlos now divides his time between his Southwark studio, Lumiere London, which is home to three multi-function spaces that have hosted clients ranging from the BBC to Ralph Lauren; shooting for his own magazine Fashiopolis; and searching for his next great shoot.