To go beyond the image is to tell a story. Lieven Dirckx is at his best when tales are unfolding through his pictures, whether these are simple emotions or follow models through a colourful metamorphosis.

Having been on the circuit since 1999, Lieven is a team player who has made his way from editorial work to creative agencies and advertising, going the extra mile to capture fashion the way it should be: alive!

While delicately polished, Lieven's images are never devoid of feeling. Whether in the midst of action or bathing in stillness, his images are of a timeless allure, reflecting his expert sense of timing and technicality, along with his love for bold graphic statements.

Lieven’s sense of finesse has not gone unnoticed. After graduating from both Ghent and Reading universities, his keen eye has travelled the world to serve the likes of Massimo Dutti, Ray-Ban, Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren and many others.