Al Aire Films is a all-year-round video and photo production services company based in Mallorca, Spain.

"If you are looking for production services for your fashion and lifestyle projects, from DOPs, ADs, locations, models and actors, to make-up, lighting, styling, drivers, and storytelling, just send us a message."

Its founders are Lina (DOP and editor) and Luis (producer), a special couple that combines the human talent of two worlds, Germany and Mexico. They design the ideal crew and logistics to materialise your commercial or feature film; video and photo can be shot on the same production.

"We like to explore diverse locations; from mountain scenery to the Mediterranean coastline, and from urban metropolis to traditional villages; and provide each client with perfect studio facilities.

10 years of experience give us the capacity to cover such diverse needs and we know how to adapt each production to the actual budget of each client."