PPM Film Services is a premium, full service film production company based in Budapest. For over 20 years, PPM has been sought after by clients looking to take advantage of the wealth of atmosphere, beauty, history and technical expertise on offer when shooting in Hungary. PPM has proven itself time and again with dynamic solutions in creating exciting television advertising for some of the world’s most recognisable brands and companies.

Budapest has long been a world-class location for TV advertising and feature film production. The city can do ‘bright’ with its ornate and expansive bridges, winding Danube views and grandiose boulevards; but it can also do ‘edgy’ with sooty Gothic tenements, bullet-pocked facades and brooding streets. With its value for money, Budapest has already stood-in for cities like Buenos Aires, London, Paris, Moscow and Berlin. Local facilities include a branch of the internationally renowned Raleigh Studios, now Central and Eastern Europe’s best-equipped production studio.