Brent Herrig specialises in photography for a range of food and cocktail clients in both the advertising and editorial worlds. He is a seasoned photographer based out of New York City with experience in video, editorial, publishing, advertising, packaging and more.

Brent’s food story started in the Midwest - Iowa to be exact. Growing up, he got to experience two distinct aspects of food: picking sweet corn and vegetables and taking care of animals on the farm, to serving customers as a soda jerk at an ice cream parlor.

On the one side, he got to see wholesome food - farm fresh vegetables grown and sold directly to the community. On the other, Brent got to see people enjoying moments in life fueled by food - how celebration and satisfaction collided in their mouth to light up their faces. This diversity of experiences gave Brent a great appreciation of food, which drives his work today.

Brent enjoys collaborating with clients from concept through post-production.

Visit his website or contact him directly to discuss your next project.