Amsterdam: Tobias Reymond Foto | Film

"Collaboration is what made humans differ from other species in Nature; through fire food was easier to digest, thus leaving more energy to feed our every hungry brains.

So teamwork is an essential prerequisite for a successful campaign, especially in food photography where in current globalisation, all these different cultures and habits should be respected.

Spaghetti Bolognese as a powdery product comes in at least 11 varieties in the whole of Europe, while none of these recipes conjures to mind the original from Bologna. This calls for expertise from the home-economist, producer and photographer. The above is a prelude to the publication of a large international rebranding for one of our major clients, Unilever.

For now, Tobias Reymond Foto|Film are happy to show some no-brainers, containing soulful shots for Schulp Natural Fruit Juices, Vezet’s ever growing palette of cut vegetables, and iconic dairy shots for French client Candia.”

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