Dominic Episcopo

Philadelphia - NYC - Boston

"Like in many Italian-American households, food was the cultural centerpiece of the home I grew up in. On any given Sunday, we would have a dozen or more people over for dinner. Food was a way to celebrate, to mourn, to heal, or to simply enjoy each other’s company. Even when there wasn’t a special occasion, it was time well spent, enriched by family, friends, and dishes to remember.

Now, as homage to my mother's and grandmother's recipes, and to the people who I’ve shared them with over the years, I have set forth to capture their essence in this heartfelt project, 'Nana’s Recipes'.

This was always meant to be more than a photography project or recipe book, although I didn’t realize that until far into it. It is an autobiographical story, steeped in memories and stories that my mother and Nana passed along to me, and that I am now proudly sharing with the broader world beyond our family table."