Amsterdam: Johan Visschedijk

"Photography is more or less like ballet, the simpler it seems to be the more difficult it often is. I myself very much like ballet, and I am a huge fan of “keep it simple”. How cool is it that you can somehow stir emotions in someone: emotions can be equivalent to erogenous zones; giving the person a feeling of comfort and pleasure.

The avocado shot, which I did for a beauty brand, is as simple as the pasta shot with the fork, shot for a big supermarket in the Netherlands.

For SPA sparkling water, the photo is closer to an illustration - in all its complexity it is still simple and clean. That’s how I like it.

“Butter next to the fish” as we say in Dutch. It is similar to the American expression “Cash on the barrel”. I think I need to say no more.

At the moment I am working on some very interesting projects, which I hope I can show you in the next issue. In the meantime remember that I love to think along with you and my fees are always based on the project.

See you soon!

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