"Hey you! Yeah, you. Any idea when lockdown will be over? Any idea when we can go back to eating out? To basking in the warm glow of good wine and friendly conversation? Any idea at all? We just need our fix, man. Just a tiny little fix…!

In all seriousness, at STUDIO_M we’re serious about social distancing. But as food photographers with a true passion for anything you can stick a fork in (or put in a glass), we can’t wait for things to go back to normal.

Oh well. Taking a break from wistfully staring out the window after work, we’ve made a selection of our recently shot food and drinks and beverages. Curious to see more? Head over to our website and have a gander at the work we did (among others) for Dr Oetker, JDE coffee, Kanzi Apples, takeaway.com and Lattiz.

Has our work tickled your fancy? You’re more than welcome for a coffee and a chat in our Amsterdam-based studio. Or, in these strange times, to just give us a (video-) call!"