Francine Zaslow is constantly expanding her vision without boundaries or limitations. She’s open, and continuously navigating for new ideas that inspire her work. Her range of work comes from years of experience working with a broad client base.

Shooting everything from food and product to interiors and fashion accessories. It’s her passion and her artistic eye that keeps her clients coming back. Offering creative input, collaborating closely to understand the client’s goals. It’s her attention to detail, discerning eye, meticulous hands-on styling that she brings to the every shoot. Her lighting artistry, crafting the mood that blankets the set.

Zaslow continues to expand on her personal fine artwork. Shooting short films, music videos, and a personal series about the life experiences and personal stories of women through the many passages of their life, titled “Undressed” Zaslow is located in Boston MA where she has a 3000 sq ft studio with a fully equiped kitchen, and extensive prop room. You can see more of her work with clients here