Vegan Clicks is a boutique food photography service that focuses on creating the irresistible urge to taste the portrayed vegan dish.

The idea is by Italian photographer Enzo Dal Verme, a gourmand who turned vegan 38 years ago and has experienced firsthand the evolution of vegan products.

Mainly known for his celebrity portraits and stories published in Vanity Fair, L’Uomo Vogue, Elle, The Times, GQ and others, he is in the rather unique position of being both an experienced photographer and a vegan pioneer (now on a mission to allure consumers with sexy vegan food photos).

Milan-based Vegan Clicks is set up to work remotely with clients - no matter where they are in the world - and create images with strong visual impact.

Feel free to check out the website, follow on Instagram and contact to commission photos that make your customers hungry.