Ned Gibbs is a photographer and director specialising in Food & Drink. He creates bright, bold and graphic imagery for use across all platforms.

Ned's work often explores the unseen, overlooked detail in the things we consume. This is exemplified by his recent film, 'Bubble World', where he explores what goes on inside your pint of beer, shown below.

Recently Ned has been creating work for Waitrose as well as for a variety of brands, from Small Beer to Heineken. The past year has seen Ned recognised by Hasselblad as one of 10 finalists in their Hasselblad Masters competition.

With a range of specialist equipment calling his studio home, such as a slow motion camera, the infamous probe lens and a 1000w stadium floodlight, Ned has agility and capability to produce top of the line work for budgets big and small.

Check out Ned's website here and follow on Instagram.