London: Scott Grummett

"It has to make you hungry" is the mantra that Scott Grummett lives by in his work as a food photographer and director. Everything he shoots always has another challenge from crops to markets but the thing that binds it together is that you always want to eat the food.

Scott's recent work includes the new star studded McCrispy campaign. Tasked with the classic brief of making a McDonald's burger find the perfect balance of real and delicious, this campaign also had to push the envelope and appeal to Gen-Z too. There was also the task of making a day which covered all bases with some exciting social content too, so some kaleidoscope lenses and mirror boxes were built to make the vision complete.

Other recent projects include a project shot in Amsterdam for Cadbury, where tasty chocolate had to pair beautifully. with the real "Fabric Of The Nation" aesthetic.

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