Steve Buchanan

Baltimore - Atlanta - New York

Steve has been interested in photography since he was 14. While working at 7-Eleven stocking shelves, he spotted the label on the back of a roll of Kodak film which read, “Take this film to your Kodak processor or develop it yourself using Kodak chemistry.” Immediately he thought, “You mean you can do that?” And he was hooked.

In the years since, he has photographed everything, from mummies to machine guns. He has shot in lots of places he is fond of, a few he would like to forget (the blast freezer comes to mind), and all the while finding new ways to capture the beauty of the world. He is happiest when working with the crew figuring out if we really need more blueberries on those pancakes.

Steve lives on Maryland's Eastern Shore with his family and a scruffy Jack Russell.