Metro Studio reaches the international top in audiovisual production for food and beverages.

Impossible images that add value: director Giovanni Granada brings to life the most beautiful and seductive cinematographic shots, creating appetite and desire in the mind and heart.

Thanks to the brilliant combination of many highly advanced technological and technical areas, fascinating original images of liquids and food in motion can now be produced in Colombia at the highest international quality level. Innovative, memorable, spectacular, and enticing scenes add extraordinary value to products, brands, and companies in themselves.

Feeling like we are spinning in the air around a crystaline, spectacular, and very appetising drop of beer, experiencing how it falls in an epic manner, colliding with the glass it's served in, our senses and our brain decide: "I want it!”

Based on constant research and the development of systems, and mechanisms, and the skilful use of its BOLT Cinebot, Metro Studio achieves this new goal, driven by its director Giovanni Granada, who has been the creative inspiration for the entire process; a dream shared by each of the select professionals who accompany him at Metro Studio to bring impossible images to life.

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