Mattia Baldi

Paris - Milan - Bangkok

Mattia Baldi attended with full scholarship the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, graduating with top marks, and receiving a bachelor's degree in classical painting and photography in 2001.

Followed a year later his Master's in Studio Photography (Scuola Romana di Fotografia e Cinema). Mattia decided to move to Asia in 2004. In Beijing, he shoots for clients like RDM, Microsoft, and Facebook. In 2015, he was asked to move to Bangkok, Thailand, to work for WPP on the client Ford (WPP). For several years, Mattia was In-house photographer for WPP advertising agencies (GTB-Prism-JWT) shooting many successful advertising campaigns.

In 2019, Mattia started his own photography studio business working in Bangkok, Milan and from this year, Paris with clients like Colgate, Standard Chartered, Nokia, Pepsi, Shell, and Schneider Electric. His extensive international agency experience combined with over 25 years of knowledge in making images guarantees that clients are always fully satisfied by his keen sense of planning, briefing and executing his assignments.