Düsseldorf: Reinhold Schroers

Since 1988, still life photographer Reinhold Schroers has been in great demand as a specialist shooting luxury watches and jewellery. Minimalist staging and perfect macro shots have become his trademark.

With great creativity and cutting-edge digital equipment, Reinhold continues to develop new shooting techniques. He recently expanded his portfolio to include fragrances and liquids which offer transparency, refractions, and motion  - all challenging opportunities to test his creative skills. Reinhold's three studios allow him the freedom to implement his projects, whether he is producing entire 'water worlds' or realising close-ups with millimeter precision.

Clients include agencies Grey, BBDO, TBWA, Ogilvy and Brandmission, watch and jewellery manufacturers such as Rüschenbeck, Mahlberg & Meyer, Elysee, Glashütte Original, Christ, Chronoswiss and Lumé Diamond Jewellery, and companies such as Karstadt.

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