Los Angeles: Kate Turning

Having been born in a taxi during a family trip, it's no surprise that Kate Turning usually finds herself on the move - assignments and fine art projects have taken her as far afield as Tahiti, Japan, Hong Kong, India, Paris, New York and Saudi Arabia. She has been selected to create unique and lyrical imagery for clients from pop stars to major consumer and pharmaceutical ad campaigns.

Kate’s sense of fun and imagination is ever-present in her work and her deep love of painting in all its forms from the Old Masters to Pop Art, is seen in her bold use of colour and innovative lighting. Kate is best known for her imaginative photo compositions of larger-than-life or fantastic situations, each carefully planned and seamlessly executed - whether in studio or on location.

Kate has worked on numerous high-profile campaigns for top brands including Bacardi, Best Buy, ABC, Bausch and Lomb, Pentax, Visa, Procter and Gamble, Miller Brewing, Elizabeth Arden and Honda as well as major international stars like Britney Spears and Katy Perry.

Based in Los Angeles with an in-house production team, she brings highly efficient full-service production, a collaborative approach and access to the best Hollywood resources to every assignment worldwide.

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