Pedro Allevato is an award-winning director and motion artist based in London, UK. He has a long experience working with 2D and flat 3D animation, graphic design, visual storytelling with studios across New York, Vancouver and London.

Sugar Blood is his high-end design name / AKA / brand driven by good stories. It brings together his extensive experience with elegant design and obsession with beautiful movement. His unique style is defined by a seamless flirt between 2D, flat 3D animation and graphic design.
Sugar Blood has worked with a wide range of companies and projects, from advertisement, the music industry, films, fashion, and sports.

For the past 10 years, he has developed his skills further on, becoming a specialist in design direction, character animation and CGI film production.

Sugar Blood portfolio has led him to be commissioned by clients such as: Adidas, Gorillaz, Google, Apple, Peugeot, Ford, Rolls Royce, BBC, GSK, Kappa, Visa, Warner Music, Shell, UPS, The History Channel and agencies - to name a few: Buck, Mediacom, Possible, Beyond, Mightfine, Contra Agency, MPC, ITV, Ground Control.

Sugar Blood is represented by JSR, see more here. You can follow the agency on Instagram for the latest news.