Athens: Anastasia Adamaki Photography

Anastasia Adamakis was born and raised in Alexandroupoli, North Greece.
She moved to Athens to study the art of photography at the Leica Academy when she was 19, which was a true match and she has lived in Athens ever since.

She started her professional career as a photographer in 2002, as an assistant first and a professional freelance later. She has been cooperating with magazines such as Maison Figaro, Vogue Casa, Casa Viva, Madame Figaro, Cosmopolitan, Idees & Lysis Gia To Spiti, VimaDonna, Vimagazino, Vimagourmet, F.A.Q., L’Officiel, Food and Wine, Vita Zeist, advertising companies, hotels and resorts in Greece and abroad.

Her interest and expertise focuses on photography of interiors, hotels, food and deco, while still being innately inspired by the human element. Though her images and visual angle, she is eager to express a lot more than the record of an image. Anastasia wants to capture with her lens all the things surrounding us and transform them into something else, unexpected. Everything that lies and moves around us can be considered as art, as long as someone is willing to view it from a different angle.

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