Ralph Wentz is the head and eye of RAW, a studio for photography and design based in Cologne, Germany. Ralph works for interior designers, architects, furniture and floor manufacturers and agencies on commission all over Europe.

As the son of a famous German architect Ralph has been around great buildings and interiors his whole life and has wittnessed the process of creating space and structure first hand. As a result, he has developed a deep understanding for the cause and the effect of interior and exterior design and translates that understanding into his pictures.

On commissions Ralph works closely with his customers to get a feel for their vision and objectives. "I try to see what they see, try to understand what they envisioned. In the end it's not about my work, it's about theirs!“

Ralph has a reputation for the clear and precise image, having a long-lasting experience in large format photography. As a designer, Ralph handles most of the set design himself when needed.