Zurich - Paris: Philippe Sautier

Philippe Sautier is a French photographer based near Zurich, with 18 years of photography experience. When approaching architectural interior photography, he combines his contemporary technique of lighting with respect to the ambiant light to restore the atmosphere and design of the particular location.

His clients are principally luxury resort hotels who need perfect pictures for maximum impact.

Whether artificial or natural lighting, hotel photography does not just 'happen'. The ability to control the lighting combined with the creative eye of the photographer make all the difference when it comes to highlighting the spirit of an establishment. Today more than ever, with the multiplication of diverse communication channels, the image has more and more importance in attracting clients.

For Philippe, resort photography needs life in addition to the nice but often cold architectural pictures, especially when there are leisure activities accompanying the offer. He takes advantage of his lifestyle and portrait experience to give his shots the feeling of serenity, often combining interior with lifestyle photography to illustrate spa and wellness.

He is available to work internationally and has all the gear required. Visit his website to see more of his work.

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