: Uruguay: 7 Seas Productions

With Argentina to the south and Brazil to the north, Uruguay has the best of both worlds: European-influenced cities and the flair and sway of beach life - laid-back Brazilian nature perfectly combined with the boldness of the Argentine spirit.

Punta del Este, a beach with two sunsets, is the upcoming spot in South America. Not only has it been discovered by the Argentines, but many Brazilian and European visitors enjoy warm hospitality, great food and diverse landscapes.

Punta del Este is obviously not the Caribbean, but it does hold the same kind of flair as St. Tropez in the 60s or Ibiza in the 70s, as hip locations open up in new places. Everything is still palpable, however, and nothing is out of reach - there are still many charming hotels, great bars, heaps of beautiful beaches and that infectious southern cool.

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