LITES water stage is the most advanced interior water stage in the world.

  • Max. depth: 11 m. - max. water surface: 42 m x 30 m.
  • In-house water FX such as large waves, dump tanks, water cannons, current, wind, rain, mist.
  • A moveable pool floor for 20T dry set construction and submerging to 8 m of depth. 25 Ton gantry cranes.
  • Black, white, green, blue backgrounds. XL skylight of 21m x 18m RGBWW DMX controlled.
  • All wet and dry cine lighting & camera equipment.
  • Highly skilled water crew.

LITES water stage offers the largest creative possibilities. A fully controlled environment; water of 32°C to work for 10 hours/day, and the highest safety standards.