San Francisco: Baldwin Production Services, Inc

Jimmy Baldwin has been researching, scouting, negotiating, permitting, and managing locations for over a hundred commercial shoots annually for decades. From Super Bowl commercials to small still projects, he has seen it all.

His location library is a resource dedicated to cataloguing the many thousands of diverse and production-friendly locations that he has brought to the marketplace for years, many of them for the first time.

He is a cultivator of connections, nurturing relationships that span decades, and has built a network of fast, reliable, and beautifully captured resources. His combination of experience and sense of urgency allows him to jump into a project instantly, deliver quickly, and respond to the ever-evolving needs of production with both confidence and optimism.

Looking for a way in? Call him, lay it out, and let him work his nuanced negotiating skills and artistic magic. One recent client said it is the best scouting they have ever seen.

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