Canary Islands - Spain: Locationow

"We are a professional photo and film location service company based in the Canary Islands. We provide a unique locations marketplace and full location services.

Locationow has worked on several photo and film shoots in the Canary Islands and Madrid this year:

For the TV series 'Camilo Superstar', in collaboration with production company Buendía Estudios and Atresplayer, Locationow was part of the team taking care of location services for this project, that tells the story of one of the most popular singers of the 70s in Spain, Camilo Sesto. Locationow found an incredible location in the north of Tenerife Island, that represents the legendary home of Camilo Sesto in Madrid, full of super large windows from which you can see the garden. We also found another location in the Canary Islands, the singer's summer home in Mallorca, an impressive space with a pool, views of the beach and a classic 70s style.

Locationow also worked on a project with the jewelry brand Vidda Jewelry. The location is a singular villa with an avant-garde and modern line that fits perfectly with the elegance and sophistication of the collection.

As usual, the goal is to add value both in the photo and the moving image world through excellence in location services.

Tell your story with the best location and film with Locationow.”

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