Italy: Ask4 Location

"You ask and we find, what? The location you need for your video and photo productions! Ask4 Location is your go-to solution. We’re a dynamic team of young and creative location managers based in Milan, specialising in scouting and managing over 4000 unique locations all across Italy.

Our core values revolve around reliability, quality, and timeliness for various types of projects such as photo and video shoots, video productions, show cooking, and much more. You can rely on us to navigate through logistical complexities seamlessly. Our experienced team is always on hand to assist you with bureaucratic and organisational matters, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience throughout.

But our service isn't just about finding the perfect location. It's about providing an all-inclusive experience tailored to your needs. Whether it's coordinating with vendors, obtaining permits, or handling any unexpected challenges, we've got you covered.

Curious about our portfolio? Some of our clients include Netflix, Lavazza, Ralph Lauren, Kappa, BMW, Italia’s Got Talent, Zegna, Lisa Corti, and Radio Mediaset. Reach out to us through our contact page to learn more and let us make your vision a reality!"

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