: Rio Grande do Sul [Brazil] : TGD Filmes

Rio Grande do Sul is one of the most prosperous states in Brazil. And it is full of great locations, many of which feel like they could be in Europe. Good beaches, lush jungle, waterfalls, mountains, colourful landscapes, modern architecture, old architecture, carnival, beautiful people... there are plenty of reasons for production teams to choose this location.

And while there is one of the most talented and best-qualified production markets in the world, production costs are lower than average.

Leading film production company, TGD Filmes, have been operating in Rio Grande do Sul since 1986. Their client list includes some of the region's best advertising agencies and largest advertisers in the region. They are certified for ISO 9001 quality and have recently modernised their technological infrastructure and management systems. They are interested in working together with foreign partners, either as a base production for commercials/films or for co-producing or investing in projects.

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