LS Productions

Edinburgh - London - New York

LS Productions is the UK's largest stills and motion service production company. Put simply: the team are filming and shoot location experts.

Their 110,000-strong image library is constantly evolving and covers a variety of locations all over Scotland, England, Wales and New York:

  • Castles, family homes, country estates
  • Cabins, cottages, farms
  • Breweries, hospitals, universities, football grounds
  • Offices, warehouses, dance studios
  • Train stations, vacant fire stations
  • Foreign doubles – Iceland, Sweden, Norway, New Zealand

LS Productions is all about flexible production and working around clients' briefs. The team provides a fully tailored service including scouting locations, budgets, specialist equipment, obtaining permits, crew, studio hire and post-production.

Clients include O2, Apple, H&M, NBC, BMW, Stella McCartney, Peugeot, Elle, Bear Grylls, Chivas, Hobbs, Renault, Laphroaig, Toast and KAYAK.

"Send us your brief and we’ll send you back a bespoke location package to make it a reality."

Visit the website for more locations and a complete client list.