China: CONTRA Service Productions China

CONTRA Productions China is a photography and film production service company covering China and Asia. CONTRA’s broad experience across China allows them to find the most suitable locations and film studios for clients' productions - always keeping in mind creative requirements, budget and logistical restraints - whether shooting a car commercial in Shanghai, a branded content film in Beijing, or a documentary in Guangzhou.

CONTRA’s location managers and location scouts in China provide detailed recce reports from which informed decisions can be made, along with alternative locations for swift redirection whenever needed on tight schedules.

CONTRA finds the simplest and most cost-effective solutions for shooting locations in China, from the Huangshan mountains to the Crescent Lake in Dunhuang; the towers of Kaiping to the city walls in Xi’an; rice terraces in Zhejiang, waterfalls in Guizhou, and the blossoming fields in Wuyuan.

Providing film productions and photographers with travel advice and expedited visas that allow production crews to work legally and with the right permits is equally essential for the success of a shoot.

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