"Big Little Family is a production company and studio based in Lisbon. We are an international gang of immigrants and expats, as well as locals, and Portugal’s capital city is our shared home.

The rental area measures 500m² and includes make-up and styling room, sitting area, and daylight studio with large windows. There is a second studio with infinity wall available. We are easily accessible by car, facilitating arrivals and deliveries: no problem with set pieces, production props, or equipment and we're not far from the airport.

Because Big Little Family includes directors, photographers and producers who use the studio regularly, we have a working relationship with the space and a perfect understanding of our clients’ needs within it. If you need any help to make it work, we’re around.

Photographers such as Rankin, Jean Yves Lemoigne, and Mark Zibert - and companies including Wieden and Kennedy, Old Spice, L'Oréal, Garnier and Zara - are among the happy clients who have made campaigns with us."