Just minutes away from the centre of Munich, FGV Schmidle studios feature 700 m² / 7,500 sq. ft. of workspace for transportation, still life, interior or fashion photography as well as film productions.

The studio can be divided and has a variety of technical equipment options next to one of Germany's top rental facilities for motion and still photography, offering the latest professional camera, grip and lighting gear. The studio features a catering area with open kitchen, rest rooms, make-up, separate shower and wardrobe rooms as well as production offices with an additional 250 m² / 2,680 sq. ft of space.

The crew offers full service support in terms of rental equipment, set decoration, catering and production services. The studio is equipped with green/blue screen and black curtains, with a height of 12 m / 40 ft. A traditional cyclorama covers the length of two studio walls measuring 29x24 m / 95x79 ft., and is equipped with 120 Kw of dimmable cyc-lights.

Two large fully motorised ceiling panels can be used as reflectors or translucent light boxes. Three motorised rigs carry loads up to two tons each. The rigs are equipped with power supply, DMX control for lighting consoles, and compressed air feeds.

Clients can also access WLAN Internet, phone and fax services and there is a modern alarm protection system, truck-sized doors and a large private parking area. A business hotel is also located next door.

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