Hamburg: Miriam Lindthaler - Petite Pomme

Miriam Lindthaler's work is focused on kids and lifestyle photography. She uses her great skills as a kid-coaching-shooter (Montessori and Waldorf background) while working with these little superheroes.

While shooting, her main intention is a real and individual moment developed by an organic and lively performance: love and laughter, heartbreakingly wild and beautiful. Miriam delivers authentic photography with raw emotion, embodying the lifestyle feel.

Miriam studied photography at the Berlin Lette Verein and worked as a freelance assistant and producer for several German photographers. She now works worldwide and is currently based in Hamburg.

She is represented by Tobias Bosch and works for clients such as Tonies, Amway, Babybel, Bahlsen, Coca-Cola, Colgate, Ergobag, Henkel, Ladival, Milka, Manduca, Manor, Nestlé, S.Oliver, and many more.

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