London: Tim Platt

"Generally speaking, kids just want to have fun."

Fun is an essential ingredient when photographing kids. Tim Platt has a natural affinity with children and a knack for keeping them positive, enthusiastic and spontaneous no matter how tricky or demanding the brief may be.

"It takes a combination of technical know-how, experience, a stimulating and exciting environment, a good team, a general willingness to make a fool of yourself and sometimes a lot of patience... to be ready for that iconic shot when it happens!"

Tim has been photographing children and babies for advertising and design clients for 20 years, working with many top brands including Sainsbury’s, Robinsons fruit drinks and McDonald's, as well as many pharmaceutical and healthcare products.

He also shoots and edits video. The links are for two versions of a short video filmed for a cancer drug for teenagers. The 'boxing' concept is a metaphor for fighting the illness.

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