Michael Del Buono's iconic photographic style is instantly recognisable. He has become an internationally sought after fashion photographer for magazine covers from around the world. Germany, the UK, Argentina, Canada and the United States are just a few of the countries globally seeking him out for his work.

Michael is a fashion photographer who shoots fashion advertising, fragrance campaigns, fashion editorial and clothing stores. Most of his work is shot on location, but he also loves to shoot in the studio.

Michael's imagery is always very masculine and he tends to bring out the sex appeal of all his subjects. He does this with seductive, engaging, suggestive yet tasteful imagery that is apparent across his entire body of work. He captures the rawness of the moment and gives the client an image that will last the test of time; always becoming iconic and memorable.

Michael's years of experience and contacts have enabled him to produce and shoot any job on, or under budget, on time, with professionalism and a laid-back attitude. He is based in New York City and divides his time between NYC, Miami, Los Angeles and Milan.