Katie Howey is a high-end photographer specialising in commercial product and still life photography. She focuses on creating pack shots, satisfying product swatches and stunning creative still life.

She is renowned for her bold and crisp style of photography, her retouching skills, efficiency and speed of working.

Katie has worked as a professional photographer for just shy of 13 years, working with a vast portfolio of brands and agencies. She has a drive to make projects fun, exciting, easy and enjoyable for every client.

Katie provides high-end product photography for small to large brands, focusing on creative and pack shot photography of cosmetics, perfumes & fragrances, fashion accessories, technology and still life.

Katie works from her in-house studio just outside the London border in Essex.

Clients include: Revolution Beauty, Dizziak London, LoveRaw, Fairfax & Favor, MZ Skin, Childs Farm & Farmologie, Not on The High Street, and various agencies.