Munich: Astrid Obert

"Photography truthfully and effectively is to see beneath the surfaces and record the qualities of nature and humanity, which lives in all things."

Astrid Obert is a professional photographer internationally acclaimed for her subtle yet exquisite contributions in the expressive domains of fashion, lifestyle, and interior design.

Based in Munich and Cape Town, Astrid has demonstrated herself as an eminent driving force in the field of creativity, artfully designing vibrant and progressive campaigns for renowned brands, advertising agencies, celebrities, and top magazines worldwide.

Her style is a thorough portrayal of her evocative personality, which is distinguished by her passion for producing creative, emotional experiences.

She is adept at unearthing the true potential of any imagery with her astute technical acumen. Moreover, Astrid is passionate and exemplifies a calm persona, empowering her to produce inspirational works of art.

Astrid, with her quality services, presents a versatile proposition for local and international enterprises.

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