Melbourne: James Braund

James Braund’s particular strength is making extraordinary images through connections with people. He has worked with a diversity of subjects from all walks of life. In doing so, he has developed adaptability and creativity under pressure, as well as the ability to quickly connect with subjects.

His exploration of psychology, philosophy and the human condition have given him a deep empathy, understanding and sensitivity with people. He naturally brings these qualities to his work.

“Having the technical craft of photography is one thing, but that means nothing if you can’t connect with people, read a mood, be respectful and compassionate" he says.

He describes his work as a relaxed collaboration; keenly aware that photography is a surface-based art, he seeks those fleeting moments of authenticity between self- consciousness, and artifice. Today, his sensitivity, flexibility, and easy-going yet professional approach mean he is sought after by clients in the advertising, design, editorial, and cultural sectors.

Recent projects include creating image libraries for global biotherapeutics leader CSL Behring, who has just announced a partnership with SAB Biotherapeutics to combat the Covid19 pandemic. Another image library commissioned by Open Universities Australia, and portraits of the Australian and Asia Pacific leadership team for global design practice, DKO Architecture.

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