Sydney-based automotive, lifestyle and conceptual photographer/director PK - Petros Ktenas - brings an awesome advertising production powerhouse team via MFJ Productions. Working with amazingly talented people every day to fit almost any brief, with a strong team behind him both locally and abroad anything is achievable.

His 10 years of experience as a senior agency producer comes into play on every stills and motion production - meaning he gets it, has been there and done that. He understands what a producer goes through behind the scenes, what an art director will question on the day, and what creative directors will launch as a curve ball in post-production. This level of production experience only comes from years of experiencing all levels and types of ad campaigns. Petros is a gun producer of conceptual visual advertising content.

Over the last few years, PK has worked with great creative talents on campaigns for MG, Audi, Toyota, Lexus, BMW, Hyundai, Renault, Fiat, Mercedes-Benz, Four Seasons Hotels, Sony, SBS World Movies, Burnaid, Heart Foundation, Centenary Institute and Greenpeace.