"When he was a little child, Christian Doppelgatz was hungry all the time. Literally. He wouldn’t stop eating unless all food was hidden away.

It was a Christmas Day in the early 80s. The aroma of freshly baked cookies filled the air when Christian looked, captivated, at his first photography book. In it, the world‘s leading photographers had set out across the globe to capture life on film in a single day. Here he was, a little child only, in a small suburb of Cologne, yet these photographs took him on a journey into a vast and fascinating world.

And for the first time in his life, Christian forgot all about eating.

Ever since, his photography has been about capturing the wonder and emotions of that Christmas Day, travelling, exploring and creating genuine human connections with his authentic style. He has shot many photos, has been working for a wide range of international clients, and - luckily - some of them even feed him a cookie every now and then!"

Clients include Abtei, Aeroflot, Allianz, BOSCH, Campari, Coca-Cola, Costa Cruises, Fanta, Goldman Sachs, Homann, Lufthansa Magazine, McDonald's, Nivea, Reno, Telekom and Volkswagen.

Christian is represented by UPFRONT Photo & Film.