Kathy Cacicedo loves to work - loves shooting - and was born to direct. Real people, models, celebrities or CEOs, she has the ability to not only connect with her subjects, but to win over their publicists and handlers.

With over a decade of experience shooting for brands like Coppertone, Claritin and Dr. Scholls on productions big and small, Kathy’s easy-going vibe puts clients at ease. She is known for making people who just met her feel like they have known her forever.

Her style is “vibrant, punchy and full of life.” Personality shines through in her photography and in the pace of her motion work, where she has worn every hat from director and producer to editor and DP. Is it worth noting that she is a pretty damn famous music video director in Guatemala? Maybe not, but maybe you just laughed and “in the end,” she says, “that's what counts!”