Australia: Hugh Peachey

Hugh Peachey is a highly-awarded photographer and director with over 15 years' experience in the advertising industry, in both photography and video. Hugh has worked as an international photographer with some of the biggest clients from around the globe including Nike, Adidas, The Australian Navy, AFL, Swisse, Tennis Australia and Cottee’s to mention a few. Amongst the many awards Hugh has achieved over the years, he has also been selected by Lurzer’s Archive on three occasions for the Top 200 photographers worldwide. 

Hugh is always in search of something else, a hidden truth, an inner light, a beauty nestled beneath the surface. Hugh is able to engage and grab a quality others can’t necessarily, which often means he can get a bit closer to someone’s inner truth and hopefully their X-Factor. Hugh is spurred by the challenge of photographing people and conceptual advertising ideas that challenge the mundane and which in turn present a wry, contrary or even comedic aspect to his work.

Hugh is fortunate to own his own Melbourne studio which has meant he can continue to shoot in these unprecedented times during the Covid pandemic. Continually searching for new safe ways to conduct a shoot, Hugh decided to incorporate live streaming for clients unable to attend a recent AAMI brand campaign. This innovative set up meant they could experience the shoot and watch the images as they come up as they are being shot from anywhere in the world, which was equally beneficial for the creative team as well as the clients, as they could promptly give feedback during the shoot without being on set.

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