"I am a UAE-based photographer and I was born in Sweden, raised between Pakistan, Turkey and North America before I moved to Dubai in 1992. I work across a multitude of editorial and commercial genres and have delivered multi-national campaigns for a broad spectrum of world-leading private and public sector enterprises.

My clients include global advertising and branding agencies, major corporations and the governments of the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Jordan, Yemen and Afghanistan. When the pandemic was declared and we went from schools closing early for spring break to social distancing and finally to curfew/lockdown I turned my eye to what was around us.

I shot a series of chronological photographs of the wall that divides our house with our neighbors. The wall became synonymous with making new friends in our community over walls and across rooftops and making the best out of an unknown situation. Two metres apart and two metres up high. The series is titled The Wall Between Us”. The UAE is now very busy again with productions."