Farmers, teachers, CEOs, pundits, senators, kids. People are people, and Lacy Landre doesn’t treat anyone differently. Her work emphasises stories of truth and camaraderie - she appreciates working with good people, and creating smart solutions to convey unique experiences. Rapport is everything. 

Unpretentious and malleable, Lacy thrives managing projects with unknown variables. She’s adept working across multiple genres, including reportage, portraiture, lifestyle, architecture, and products. This allows her to utilise or combine various pre/post-production techniques, exceeding the confines of a mood board to present additional options to clients on-time and on-budget. 

Midwest-based in the USA, Lacy is unafraid to get her hands dirty. She has an outspoken affinity for healthcare, non-profit, humanitarian, public policy, and current affairs projects.

Partial client list includes Master Lock, The New York Times, T-Brand, Froedtert Health, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, Architectural Digest, Google, Volvo Trucks, Zurn, ABB Inc., Democratic National Convention Committee, and Fox News Channel.